The Tony Award Winning Live Entertainment Production and Management Company

Martian Entertainment is a Tony Award-winning live entertainment production and management company that was founded in 1997.

Owned by Carl D. White and Gregory Rae, together, with our staff, we have over five decades of combined experience in general managing and producing live theatre and entertainment. We strive to be leaders of new thinking and new business practices. We respect and appreciate the "old way of doing things", and there is much value in learning from the past, but we also believe in the future, and that how shows are commonly developed, produced and managed, can be greatly improved upon--and that data and technology are the keys to improvement.

As General Managers, Martian Entertainment provides first-class theatrical general management and executive producing services, expertise and business acumen to all forms of entertainment. Martian Entertainment is committed to developing and incorporating up-to-date technologies in our work, to better serve our clients, our shows and their investors.